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Pork Value Pack

Pork Value Pack

more than 22lbs of organically fed, pastured pork at less than $5/lb
$85.01 savings
$185.00 $99.99
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This Pork Value Pack is an incredible deal! These are all items from our 2019, 2020 & 2021 inventory that got hidden behind some fresh inventory, and we are selling them at 50% OFF! 

Pork Chops (2 chops) ~1.5lbs

Porterhouse chops (2 chops) ~2lbs 

Boston Butt ~2-4lbs

Smoked Pork Hocks ~1.5-2.5lbs

St. Louis Ribs OR Pork Shanks ~3lbs

Lard (quart) ~1.75lbs

Bratwurst (4x 6" links) ~1lb

Mild Italian (4x 6" links) ~1lb

2 Mild Country Pinkie Links (10x 4" links, 1lb pkgs) ~2lb

3 Mild Country Bulk Sausage (1lb chubs) ~3lb

Hot Country Bulk Sausage (1lb chub) ~1lb

Chorizo Bulk Sausage (1lb chub) ~1lb

Bacon ~1lb

This is a grab-bag of sorts, and item weights may vary, you may get a 2lb Boston Butt and you may get a 3.5lb Boston Butt. There is no selecting which package you get (in terms of St. Louis Ribs or Pork Shanks). Pork Shanks are my favorite way to eat pork, bar none. The best way to cook them is to braise them. ~Suzanne