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Mild Country Bulk Sausage

Mild Country Bulk Sausage

1lb Avg/pkg
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$7.99/lb. $6.99/lb. Avg. 1lb .
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Our simplest sausage with the most variety of uses — it's not just for breakfast. This sausage will add delight to any meatloaf recipe. It's perfect on top of pizza or in a white or red pasta sauce. Sausage adds flavor to anything and makes any meal nutritious and hearty. Serve it on the weekend with a hash of potatoes and a side of scrambled eggs, and you'll eat like kings and queens right in your PJs. 

This box of sausage was hanging out in the back of the freezer and is from 2019, but do not despair, as they are vacuum-sealed and in impeccable shape and you will never know the difference, but enjoy a great deal on some amazing meat that's just as good as the day it was packed. 


Pork, salt, sage, black and red pepper.