Fatty Skin-on Pork Belly (Ossabaw)

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Pork belly is what bacon is made from — this cut cured and smoked becomes bacon, but it's delicious in it's own right, and highly medicinal. Fat is where it's at!

Traditionally pigs would have been bred to have much more fat than commercial hogs now (even so-called "heritage" hogs still have a lot of conventional breeding in them). These fatty bellies are from Ossabaw pigs, a truly heritage breed of hog that was singularly saved from extinction by our good friend Eliza at Cane Creek Farm. They thrive on our rotated wooded pastures and consume only a small amount (1-2 lbs) of organic grain daily, and the rest of their diet is entirely forage.

If they ate so little grain, how did they get to be so fat? They are that good at turning tree roots, plants, acorns and other pasture and woodland delicacies into nutrient-dense fat. Why does that matter to you? Because these animals are very good at turning the polyphenols in plants (the compounds found in things like broccoli and green tea that make them so good for you) into highly digestible fats, when you eat this fat you are directly benefiting from the rich and diverse array of medicinal plants these pigs happily converted for you into assimilable nutrition. 

Cooking pork belly is really simple, but the best way to enjoy these fattier slabs may be cracklings (we cook them in lard instead of peanut oil, as lard is a more stable fat than vegetable oil and produces less free radicals when heated).