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Bone-In Boston Butt (medium)

Bone-In Boston Butt (medium)

2.5-3.95lb Avg/pkg
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$8.99/lb. $7.99/lb. Avg. 2lb .
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Boston butts are best cooked by long and slow cooking methods. For best results smoke, braise, stew or roast. However you heat it, make the cooking process like a slow dance and the exquisiteness of this marbled cut will shine!

This pork is like nothing else you can get in this region. In fact, there’s very little pork in the whole country that is raised where this level of detail given to every aspect of the pigs’ lives. For starters, we feed our pigs a certified organic ration from Reedy Fork Organic Farm. "Isn't pastured pork 'beyond organic' anyway," you say? Yes, and no. While the National Organic Program doesn't have rotated pastures with living green material as a required part of certified organic pig's diets, they do make sure that the pigs are not fed a GMO ration, which most pastured pigs are fed. And even if the feed is certified non-GMO, that does not mean chemical-free! The reason GMOs were created to begin with is because the pre-GMO chemicals were so bad: 2,4-D is GMO free. We believe with our whole hearts that land should not be poisoned in any way, your family should not be poisoned in any way, and thus we will not buy conventional or non-GMO grain for our pigs. Only certified organic will do. Click here to read Suzanne's blog post on what we feed and why it matters for the health of your family. "Why isn't your pork certified organic?" We may eventually certify our pork operation, but the two reasons we are not currently certified are: we have purchased feeder pigs from non-certified operations (we are in the process of growing our own mama sows and breeding our own hogs for the future) and because we feed some real-food scraps from the Saxapahaw General Store food prep line to our pigs. They love eating corn cobs and tomatoes and ends of the bread loafs. While the General Store doesn't exclusively purchase local and organic ingredients, many of their kitchen ingredients are foods that you would buy for your own family. In the end, what you are buying from us is food that you would raise yourself if you could.

We aren't interested in checking boxes as much as we are interested in excellence. Would you want to eat certified organic cereal and salad (pasture) every day, or would you sometimes like a locally grown tomato and a hunk of sourdough bread? Our pigs have similar preferences and desire for variety, and that is also what makes our pork so good. We also frequently soak their grain in milk from our 100% grassfed A2A2 cows. The dairy is not currently certified, so if we certified the pigs we couldn't feed them our own milk. And there is no better pig food in the world than our milk.  This is what we desire to feed our own family and our beloved staff, and we are serious about what it means to say, "This is food!"

In addition to being passionately pastured and fed a locally milled, certified organic ration, our pigs are also loved. We love them enough to take care for each one. They are not numbers on a spreadsheet to us. We don't believe that running a farm at a scale that feeds others means that we have to abandon our homestead-y ways. Every. Single. Animal. is given TLC if (s)he needs it, loved and cared for as if that were the only animal we have. That means that we won't send our animals just anywhere to be processed, either. We go the extra distance (literally and figuratively) to patronize family-owned plants that share our core values of respect for life. And we are working on the ability to be able to process all animals on-farm under USDA inspection. Why? Because we believe with our whole hearts that an animal should not have to get in a trailer and go to an unfamiliar place to give his or her all. We love these animals. We love what we do. And we love offering this no-compromise food to you. You are eating the story of the food you consume. Participate in a story that nourishes you.