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Bone-in Smoked Whole Ham

Bone-in Smoked Whole Ham

6-8 lbs each
$1.00/lb. savings
$10.99/lb. $9.99/lb. Avg. 8lb .
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This Bone-in Smoked Whole Ham couldn't be easier to cook: Put in oven until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Carve and serve. It's really that simple! These hams have been brined and smoked and are ready to serve. 

Our Bone-in Smoked Ossabaw Whole Hams are made exclusively from Ossabaw pigs, a heritage breed of hog that was singularly saved from extinction by our good friend Eliza at Cane Creek Farm, just down the road. They thrive on our rotated wooded silvopastures and consume only a small amount (1-2 lbs) of certified organic grain daily for the duration of their year-long lives — the rest of their diet is entirely forage. These pigs have double the grow-out time of more common "heritage" hogs (that still consume 5-8 lbs of grain per day towards the end of their half-year lives). The difference is something you will absolutely taste in the flavor profile, and you will notice that the meat is much redder than other pastured, heritage pork, and some people find that it looks closer to beef than grocery-store pork.

Rare-breed heritage animals like this need to have a job to survive, and ours have an important one: turning marginal, cut-over woodlands and scrub pastures into a verdant Eden for our cows and sheep. These pigs are ecological masters when managed correctly, and this is truly how pork should be. You will not find a finer ham than this. We bring our pigs to an Animal Welfare Approved Facility, the gold-standard for humane processing. 

Why are there nitrites in this ham? Because there are actually far more nitrites in celery salt than plain old nitrite traditionally added to keep cured pork products free of botulism. Here is an article explaining why nitrite may be safer than celery salt (which contains naturally occurring nitrites, but in much higher quantities). The bottom line, people have been eating cured meats for a loooong time. And traditional diets always included facto-fermented vegetables and other veggies high in Vit C with meals containing nitrites, so no matter what your source of cured meats, here's to your health: add some sauerkraut or lacto-fermented carrots for a healthy and delicious experience. 


Organically fed and pastured Ossabaw pork, salt, brown sugar, nitrite.