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DRY AGED Eye of Round Roast

DRY AGED Eye of Round Roast

2 lbs (MATURE)
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$14.99/lb. $12.99/lb. Avg. 2lb .
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Eye of Round is a petite little roast packed with flavor. We often grind most of the round (which comes from the rear leg muscle) into ground beef, but these little beauties are worth pulling out and enjoying as a roast. Eye of Round is best braised or simmered in the crock pot. Slice thinly against the grain for best results.

This roast is from a mature cow, who had many, many years to concentrate all of the goodness of plants into exceptionally flavorful and nutritious meat. We then dry age the beef for a month to improve tenderness. The result is something like you've never experienced before in terms of flavor and texture. Find out why this beef is being sought-after all over the world!