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DRY AGED Beef Chuck Roast

DRY AGED Beef Chuck Roast

3.75 lbs (MATURE)
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$10.99/lb. $9.99/lb. Avg. 3.75lb .
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Chuck roasts shine with long, slow cooking methods such as stewing, braising, or slow cooking in a crock pot. This meat is the most marbled of any cut on the animal and as such one of the most tender roasts. The *best* way to add depth to your sauce while slow-cooking them is to add some beef marrow bones. It really ups the nutrition, too!

This roast is from a mature cow, who had many, many years to concentrate all of the goodness of plants into exceptionally flavorful and nutritious meat. We then dry age the beef for a month to improve tenderness. The result is something like you've never experienced before in terms of flavor and texture. Find out why this beef is being sought-after all over the world!