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Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

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This cut comes from the very center of the loin. The tender, flavorful meat between the blade is known as finger meat and is one of the major reasons that this part of the pig is so popular. This rack is typically smaller than others found on the hog but packs a tasty punch. 

It is the most tender set on the hog, as it comes directly from the loin rather than the belly. Where spare ribs are big and meaty, baby back is smaller and more tender. This delicious cut is commonly served barbecue-style or roasted to crispy perfection. It can also be braised or baked.

This delicious cut is the go-to barbecue classic because of the rich taste and traditional, classic texture. This rack is ideal for impressing dinner guests or serving lots of people. When anyone pictures the perfect rack of delectable ribs, they're sure to be picturing pasture-raised baby back ribs with that "falls right off the bone" juicy, flavorful taste and that ideal texture we all love so much.