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1/8 Devon beef

1/8 Devon beef

~35lbs of New Zealand Red Devon beef
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New Zealand Red Devons produce exquisite beef that is unique in the world in its tenderness and melt-in-your-mouth experience. You will not find better beef anywhere. The taste is clean and the melty fat crisps up the outside perfectly. This beef really shines by itself without being buried in a sauce or casserole. When we ran our farm's cafe, we started raising Red Devons because for there is no parallel to this beef. 

2 NY strip steaks (~1.8 lbs total)

2 ribeye steaks (~1.9 lbs total)

2 filet mignons (~0.75 lb total)

2 sirloin steaks (~2.1 lbs total)

1 flank steak (~0.33 lb)

1 skirt steak  (~0.33 lb)

1 flat iron steak (~0.75 lb)

1 eye round steak (~0.9 lb)

1 brisket (~2.35 lb)

1 top round roast, boneless (~2.35 lbs)

1 chuck roast, boneless (~2.25 lbs)

~13 lbs of ground beef (in 1lb pkgs)

~1 lb of stew beef 

*This is a true eighth, which is boxed at the butcher straight off the carcass, and as a result every animal has slightly different weights. You are most definitely getting 1/8th of a finished Devon animal. Welcome to eating how farmers and homesteaders have eaten since time immemorial!