From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods your can eat with confidence
Excellent pork raised right. Love seasoning and the grind!!! No sugar is difficult to find. Wonderful flavor when I let it brown a little. My new favorite quick meal pastured protein. I have MS and treat my mind and body with diet and lifestyle not pharmaceuticals. Therefore I am very selective about my diet. Thanks Reverence Farm!
Lisa W.

How It Works

1 Sign Up

Create your free account at and choose a pickup location nearest you or Reverence Farms Cafe.

2 Shop

Browse through our ever-growing selection of organically-fed and pasture-raised products and order and pay online.

3 Pick Up

Meet us at one of our scheduled drops or pickup your order at a location and time convenient time for you.

Common Questions

What is a pickup location?

Pickup Locations are simply places where we meet you with your order. Common locations are home driveways or parking lots. Each location is organized by a volunteer Location Leader who helps to facilitate each delivery.

How do pickup days work?

Arrive at the pickup location at your scheduled time. You will be greeted by our farm's friendly delivery driver. Provide the name on your order and we will hand you your order or help you carry it to your vehicle.

What should I bring on pickup day?

We encourage you to bring a copy of your order's confirmation email or have it accessible on your phone. This can help speed up the process. We pack your order in a reusable freezer bag but you are more than welcome to bring a cooler or your own bag to transfer your order to.

How is my order packaged?

All meat items come individually packaged and frozen, milk is in gallon or half gallon plastic jugs and eggs are in cartons. Your items will be in our reusable freezer bags which we encourage you to bring back each time you pickup for reuse. We also reuse egg cartons!

How do I add to my current order?

You can simply login anytime before your upcoming deadline and add to an existing order.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit/debit cards online; cash or check on delivery. At the time of placing your first order you will be prompted to add a credit card to your account. Once finalized, your order's total will be charged to your card on file and your receipt will be emailed.

Is there a delivery fee?

In order to help cover fuel and labor cost all orders incur a 30ยข per pound delivery and handling charge. There are no fees on orders picked up at our Cafe, Reverence Farms Cafe.

Can a friend pick-up my order?

Yes, just be sure to have an active credit card on file so your order can be charged prior to pickup.

When are the order deadlines?

Most order deadlines are 2 days prior to the delivery date. See locations.

Can my Location Leader hold my order?

This is strongly discouraged because of the extra burden that it adds for our volunteer Location Leaders.

Ordering Policies

Order totals are estimated

Since many items are priced by the pound, your final total may be a little more or less than your order's initial estimated total. Once finalized, your total will be charged to your credit card on file and your receipt will be emailed.

Short stock items

Please understand that Reverence Farms is a small farm not a large warehouse. If an item becomes unavailable your final total as well as any applicable delivery fees will be reduced.

Cancelations & missed pickups

ALL orders require a 24 hour cancelation notice prior to your scheduled pickup time. If you miss your pickup without providing a 24 hour cancelation notice a $25 restocking fee will be charged to your credit card on file. (Routine occurrences will result in cancelation of service.)Be sure to mark your calendars for your order pickup date and precise scheduled pickup time! To be fair to other customers we cannot wait on latecomers. If you show up late, our delivery truck will already be in transit to the next stop.