"We heal the land and ourselves with a daily devotion to wholeness in all that we do."

- Suzanne Nelson

Reverence Farms is a diversified, thriving polyculture where animals are treated with reverence and grace, earthworms are cherished, and all critters eat a species-appropriate diet. We offer passionately pastured eggs from chickens fed a locally milled and organic ration, and our hens are moved to fresh pasture daily where they eat a full complement of bugs and fresh forages. Our broiler chickens get a fresh salad bar daily.

Our poultry and pig rations contain a diversity of proteins (including flax and field peas) in order to improve the taste and nutritional profile of our products and reduce our reliance on soy. The soy in our rations are different from conventional feedstuffs in that it’s derived from whole, roasted organic soybeans instead of soybean meal, an industrial waste product customarily fed to livestock.
The hens follow our dairy cows and sheep in a rotation that takes into account the need of the grass to regenerate in order to provide the best nutrition for all the animals and to allow the soil to capture the carbon from the atmosphere. We raise our dairy calves on mama cows, with all the milk they can drink and the normalcy of running in a mixed-aged herd. We do this to ensure the best and brightest dairy herd for the future, and in order to provide an outstanding life to even the young males, which later become our signature ambrosia beef.

Our commitment to whole food means that we are also diligent about the ingredients in our value-added products. That means our sausages are not only free from MSG directly, but also are free of “spice extractives” and other fractionated ingredients that often contain undisclosed sources of free glutamates. Our bacon is cured the old-fashioned way, using just salt (no nitrates) and molasses, and our bulk sausages are free of sugar. We started this farm as a homestead to feed our family and we are serious about what it means to say, “this is food.”