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100% grass-fed beef & lamb.
Organically-fed, pastured pork & eggs.
All from one amazing place.

Our new flock of layers will be up and laying soon!

We believe farming is an act of service, and we are deeply invested in your well-being. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ~Suzanne

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Our simple mission: To turn sunshine into nutrient-dense food and care for the soil, the plants, the animals and each other.

A thousand tiny choices weave together to make a huge change. That's what we mean when we say, "This is food!” We are in the business of growing community: community in the soil, community among the animals and plants, and community with one another.
My grandparents had a family farm and all the food I ate while growing up was farm to table, meats, vegetables and everything in between. You don't get even close to this quality and taste at your grocery store. We are so happy and blessed to have found Reverence Farm more than six years ago. Now 80% of all proteins in our fridge come from Reverence Farm.The quality and variety is unmatched. I am happy to offer my two kids the same great taste I used to know when I was their age.
Stacy D.

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My family and I have been enjoying the delicious, nourishing food from Reverence Farms for many years. We love that we can visit the land where the animals graze and that we truly know where our food comes from. The mobile farm store is a wonderful convenience; we couldn’t enjoy the food without it. Thank you, Reverence Farms!
Suzanne L.